Our Fees

Tim Veysey Smith Sports Podiatrist Goudhurst Kent

We aim to offer the best value by giving you an excellent level of service, dicussing all anticipated costs of your treatment plan with you in an honest and open fashion, with you having the final say, under no pressure to come to any decisions. We offer a cooling off period and can supply estimates for you to consider before embarking on your journey back to fitness with us. We offer a range of care packages at competitive rates as well as traditional pay as you go appointments depending on your preference. We can supply invoices and receipts to help you keep track of your finances and aid in claiming from medical insurers if needed.

Here is a breakdown of our fees. Please bear in mind that our fee scales do change from time to time and are current only at the time of writing. Do contact us if you need more information.

  • Podiatry initial consultation - £75
  • Podiatry standard follow up appointment - £55
  • Gait analysis - £100
  • Gait analysis + strength assessment - £150
  • Running injury assessment - £90
  • Shockwave ESWT therapy - £90. Block of 3 treatment sessions (recommended) £250
  • Nail surgery - £350. Includes surgery and follow up appointments
  • Lacuna fungal nail treatment package - £310. Includes 3 treatments plus anti fungal medication
  • Verruca needling - £300 - Includes procedure and 2 follow up appointments

You can download a more detailed breakdown of our fees here: -  System fee estimate

Last updated November 2020